Since 1956, Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association has been contributing to the success of its members.

Members of WSHLA lead and manage medical practices - a complex and challenging profession that combines broad knowledge with cutting-edge expertise and practical skills with the experience to apply them. Decisions made by medical practice managers affect every aspect of successful medical practice operations, from patient care to a healthy bottom line.

Founded by a small group of concerned practice managers in 1956 and officially incorporated in Washington State in 1974, this thriving association now includes more than 300 manager and administrator members from all over Washington.

Our members come from all areas of the state and rely on WSHLA to serve as their resource for information, education, exchange of ideas, and industry contacts so that they can provide quality management and leadership to their physicians and staff. WSHLA's diverse membership is comprised of executives, administrators, managers, supervisors, faculty, students, and other healthcare professionals representing practices of all sizes and specialties. These practices can range from solo, group, and rural practices to university-based practices and multi-specialty clinics.


Diversity Statement

"The Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association (WSHLA) values and respects diversity among its membership. This Association is committed to maintaining a climate in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds, and needs are fostered with an opportunity for members from divergent experiences to participate and contribute. This open environment assists WSHLA in accomplishing its mission by ensuring a wide range of viewpoints and knowledge areas are actively present in our Association and strengthens networking and learning among colleagues. We welcome our members to encompass a full range reflecting variations in race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, geographic location, and professional level."


Thank you to our Vendor Affiliate Members for their support of WSHLA