Why is it essential to belong?: invest in yourself and expand your network


Supporting Healthcare Leaders throughout Washington

Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association is a membership association of medical group practice managers, adminstrators, executives, and administrative professionals in Washington.

Whether you are new to practice management or a seasoned veteran, whether you work in a small practice or large group, instead of doing it alone, WSHLA provides a network of like-minded professionals ready to share resources, tools and ideas.

Membership in WSHLA is an investment in your profession, your professional success, and your practice's success. Our member-led association puts our members first. We strive to provide timely, relevant, and valuable resources while giving you an opportunity to benefit from the advice and knowledge of other healthcare leaders across the state.

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Which Category of Membership Do I Apply For

An Active member is: a) an individual who is directly employed in management or administrative support services by an entity formally recognized to provide or facilitate the provision of healthcare services; b) an individual employed by a management organization, hospital/hospital system, practice management firm or other business entity responsible for managing any operational component(s)of an entity providing healthcare services. This includes consultants who are responsible for operations of one or more practices on an ongoing basis, or c) healthcare providers/clinicians who hold an active license in the state are also considered active members. An Active Member shall be entitled to all Association membership services, including the right to vote on all matters and to serve as an officer or trustee of the Association. Active Members who are engaged in the sale of products or services to health care organizations are prohibited from soliciting other members unless they also retain a separate Vendor Affiliate Membership. Membership is annual. Renewal is based on anniversary date.
An Allied member is: a person who meets the same eligibility requirements as an Active member, except that the employing medical group practice is outside the State of Washington. An Allied member shall be entitled to all Association membership services, except the right to vote on all matters and the right to serve as an officer or trustee of the Association. Membership is annual. Renewal is based on anniversary date.
Recognizing the invaluable contributions that managers from large systems make to our association, this program provides deep discounts to organizations willing to support their extended managerial team in WSHLA activities in our state. Members must qualify for ACTIVE membership. For more information or to apply for organization membership for your team contact: info@thewshla.org or (678) 523-5915 Group Pricing: $1,100 for 10-14 members (up to $720 savings) $1,750 for 15-19 members (up to $720 savings) $2,500 for 20+ members (unlimited savings)
A Vendor Affiliate member is: An employee, owner or partner of an organization involved in the supply of products, services, or education to ambulatory health care professionals and/or providers. Membership is annual. Renewal is based on anniversary date.
A Faculty member is: a person teaching business or healthcare administration in an accredited college or university within the boundaries of the state of Washington. Membership is annual. Renewal is based on anniversary date.
A Student member is: an individual who are pursuing a healthcare or business-related degree at an accredited institution of higher learning and does not qualify for any other member category. Those applying for Student Membership must be prepared to upload a copy of your official student transcripts during the application process in order to confirm enrollment. Membership extends for a period of one-year.


Diversity Statement

"The Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association (WSHLA) values and respects diversity among its membership. This Association is committed to maintaining a climate in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds, and needs are fostered with an opportunity for members from divergent experiences to participate and contribute. This open environment assists WSHLA in accomplishing its mission by ensuring a wide range of viewpoints and knowledge areas are actively present in our Association and strengthens networking and learning among colleagues. We welcome our members to encompass a full range reflecting variations in race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, geographic location, and professional level."


Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association Member Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall direct their activities to the mission, goals, and objectives of WSHLA, which are to elevate through education the competence, standards, and knowledge base of all members.
  2. Members shall not misuse information disseminated in association publications, meetings, workshops, seminars, or other association functions. Misuse includes representing WSHLA information to other persons as having been authored by or originated from any person or organization other than WSHLA.
  3. Members who also sell products or services shall not utilize information obtained at association functions such as meetings, workshops, or seminars for their personal financial gain, including solicitation of such products or services at any time during the conduct of association functions.
  4. Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, maintaining a high standard of professional integrity and ethics.

Adopted by the Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association Board of Trustees on May 11, 2019.



Thank you to our Vendor Affiliate Members for their support of WSHLA